How To Get The Right Fit - A Menswear Sizing Guide

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering something that you’re buzzing to get online, only to find out when it turns up that it doesn’t fit.

Menswear sizing can vary between brands, and even within brands, making it difficult to ensure an item will fit you correctly before ordering.

So how to save time and money when ordering clothes? Grab your secret weapon - a tape measure!


Pit to Pit Measurements

We find that the best indicator of size is the pit to pit (PTP) measurement. To find out your PTP size, dig through your wardrobe and find a similar item that fits you well. Lay it flat on a flat surface and measure 1 inch under the armpit from one side to another and make a note of it.

To help you find your perfect fit, we list all of our garments with the pit to pit size in inches next to the tagged size from measurements we took ourselves.

Because sizing varies within brands, we can’t recommend enough that each time you buy something new that you use the measurement guide rather than going from your previously bought size.


Find this helpful? We’ll be back soon to give you an insight into Stone IslandC.P. Company, Weekend OffenderPaul & Shark and many more terrace brands on their fit, styles and shapes.