HOW TO // Use Flexible Finance

Want to buy some quality gear today, but want to spread the cost? We've got you covered with a no BS guide to using our interest free finance options 👊

I just wanted to do a quick video explaining your options as we get asked daily about how it works.

We have four methods available with different payment plans.
KLARNA offer two payment plans
1. Pay in 30 days where you can pay nothing today and settle up in 30 days
2. Pay in 3, this option requires you to pay a third upfront and then 2 equal monthly payments to pay the balance
So a £120 item requires £40 today, £40 in a months time and the last £40 the month after.
Pay a quarter up front and then 3 equal payments due fortnightly.
So that would be on a £120 item £30 today and the 3 £30 payments every fortnight.
Pay 1 instalment up front and then 5 equal payments are due each week.
So on a £120 item again that would be £20 today and then £20 for 5 weeks.
Same as ClearPay you pay 25% up front and then 3 equal instalments fortnightly
The basic process for setting this up is the same for all of the providers. You simply add your selection to the basket, fill in your name and address details then choose the finance plan that suits you best. 
Enter your card details and they will perform a soft credit check on the card history to determine if you can afford the repayments and once approved that’s it, you’re good to go and we will ship your order right away.
Hope that clears some things up for you, any questions drop me a DM✌🏼

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